Where to begin? Colours

Lets face it, you are over the typical emo hair style! For all of us it is usually dyed black, swept over the face and doesn’t really suit our emotions of the day.

There is so much out there now, and this is what this website is dedicated to, showing you all the products, styles and tips to show off that emotional side to you.

So for my first tip I wanted to share that you don’t always have to go with black hair. Subtle changes over time to take it from black to dark brown/black then dark brown with a hint of deep red can look awesome. And I’m not talking the whole head of hair just the top part like the pic attached.

Where you get this done is up to you. I prefer cutting and dying my own hair. I own a cheap $10 razor comb that works fantastically, along with two mirrors so I can see exactly what I’m cutting. (Little hint always start from the tips and work your way up).

The best dyes I have found are at Beserk which have a wide range of colours and dyes that are easy to do yourself with great results.

My take away is to experiment and find a colour that better suits your personal style and mood. Change up the colour when you get bored with it and search through the internet and copy styles you like and you think will suit you.