Hair Styles

Let’s get back to the basics here with a slight twist of hair styles that are easy and look great. My close friend Sharon showed me her favourites and she has platinum blonde hair and the braids and buns looked fantastic with her coloured hair. I met a girl called June last week who was an SEO consultant from Grow SEO and she had just finished a meeting with my parents about work and we got chatting and we just hit it off. June’s hair was dyed green then faded into yellow at the tips and she wore her hair in piggy tails and it looked unreal (looked great!).

So beside wearing your hair all over your face and always out try on of the following tips below.

Here are my favorite 4:

Braids – Try parting hair and braid each side. Try leaving some hair out of the braid around the side of face and sweep fringe to the side.

Buns – Similar to braids but have two buns up high on each side. Remember to leave the hair around side of face and sweep fringe to side to help frame your face.

Braid & Buns – Do the two buns as per above except leaving the front quarter of hair out and divide the front hair into two and complete two braids either side of your face.

Piggy Tails – Again divide hair into two and tie each with a band. Leave side and fringe out to frame face.

Try a few and let me know what you think of these.